The Liebster Award


Having only been blogging for a couple of weeks, I’m delighted to be nominated for The Liebster Award by fellow blogger One Blooming Me!

What’s it all about?

Well, The Liebster Award is given to new bloggers to help them to build their communities, by setting some questions for the new blogger to answer and share. After answering these questions, I’ll select 5 new bloggers/blogs with less than 1000 followers to do the same – a bit like an old school chain letter!

So here goes, my answers to the questions set to me by One Blooming Me:

1. Favourite blog (other than your own)
I love the brutal honesty of The Unmumsy Mum

2. Favourite way to keep fit
I used to run and I love snowboarding, but they’ve both fallen by the wayside since Little Miss arrived so now it’s long woodland walks at the weekend.

3. Favourite food
Pizza and pasta or fondue!

4. Favourite drink
A nice full bodied red wine

5. Favourite toy from your childhood
Cars – I would play with them for hours and paint them all in metallic paints

6. Favourite game
I recently played articulate with friends and it was very funny!

7. Favourite book
I really like books by John Niven, my favourite of his is The Second Coming.

8. Favourite film
Such a tough choice, I’d love to say The Usual Suspects but in reality it’s probably something from the 80s like The Lost Boys or Short Circuit.

9. Favourite place in the world
New York without question.

10. Favourite word in the English language
At the moment it’s ‘bubble’ because Little Miss says it in a really cute way

I would now like to nominate the following bloggers for the Liebster Award:

The Working Mummy
The Squirmy Popple
An Ordinary Mummy
Mummy Thought
Squished Blueberries

And my questions for you are…

1. Champagne or Prosecco?
2. Park or Playcentre?
3. Film or tv boxset?
4. Cbeebies or NickJr?
5. Victoria Sponge or chocolate cake?
6. City break or hit the beach?
7. Android or iOS?
8. Full English or American-style pancakes?
9. Holiday or staycation?
10. Chocolate or sweets?


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